StayFree User Guide

StayFree Extension helps you save time by reducing the time spent on distracting websites.


Website Limits feature enables you to enter maximum usage time for any websites that distracts you. For example, if you don't want to spend more than 30 minutes on per day, you can add a 30 mins of Website Limit for and the system will block your usage when it reaches 30 mins in a day. To learn more, feel free to have a look at the Website Limits page.

If you don't want to set strict total usage limit for a website from the very beginning, Limits On The Go lets you enter session based usage limit at the beginning of a session and blocks your tab when the given session time is up. For more details on how to use Limits On The Go, please have a look at its detailed manual.

Focus Mode helps you concentrate on your work by disabling the blocked websites based on the given schedule. You won't be able to enter into the blocked websites when it is active. See the Focus Mode page for further details on how to use Focus Mode.

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